The Artwork of

A t h e n a   S a v a l a s 


    Athena Savalas represents three generations of artists beginning with her great grandfather, an iconographer, her grandmother, a famous painter and the mother of the actor, Telly Savalas a.k.a. “Kojak”, and her uncle, a well-known religious painter of Greek Orthodox Churches throughout the United States.  
To view her drawings, is to view her illustrious legacy, for beyond the surface of her works lie the traditional, painstaking devotion of her forebears.  As the eyes scan the myriad of line and form, which is a trademark of Athena’s work, one is transported into a world of reality and surrealism.  Athena’s work has been exhibited throughout the
New York Metropolitan area as well as California, Florida and in Athens, Greece.  Her work has also been shown at the Parrish, Heckscher, and Vanderbilt Museums on Long Island, NY.  In addition, she has received numerous awards and was selected by American Artist magazine for her excellence in pen and ink.  Athena grew up in Huntington, NY and lived in Athens, Greece for several years.  As a young girl she was thrilled about art and spent her weekends at her grandmother’s art studio where she would paint and continue to be inspired by her grandmother’s work.  Athena completed her education with a BA in Fine Arts at Hofstra University and continued to take classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  Athena worked as a commercial artist for many years while still continuing to draw and paint.  Although art is her lifelong passion, she grew up in a musical family and began singing with her father as a young girl.  Throughout the 1980’ and 90’s she sang professionally and often toured with her father at different events including a performance at Carnegie Hall.  Athena resides in Sag Harbor, NY with her husband and daughter.

Athena with Her father Teddy Savalas


Athena with her uncle Telly Savalas


Athena's uncle Theodore Savalas


Athena's Grandmother Christina Savalas

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